Standard Poodle Breeding



the standard poodle

The Poodle is a great companion for us all!

Few words about the poodle

The Standard Poodle puts animation in the life of the elderly, plays sports with his teachers and plays like crazy with children.

Positive Points

How to deal with the poodle

The Poodle is an affectionate family dog, always cheerful and energetic. Player, he is the perfect companion for children. He is considered one of the smartest dogs in the world. He loves to learn and is ready to perform all kinds of tricks to please his master. This is why he is very receptive to dressage.

The Poodle is very close to his master and shows him an unwavering loyalty. He even has a slight tendency to monopolize him, because he is constantly seeking his attention and his affection. The Poodle basically needs companionship and hates loneliness. If he is abandoned to himself, he loses his joy of life and can become a barker and neurotic.

The Poodle can be a good guardian, because he is very alert and barks at the slightest intrusion. Well educated, the Poodle is sociable and welcomes everyone with demonstrations of joy. Behind the elegant look of the Poodle hides a sporty dog. Regular exercise is necessary to spend your energy overflow.

Quick-witted, he constantly needs mental stimulation: games, agility and obedience classes, etc. His hunting dog past makes him particularly fond of relationship games and swimming.

The poodle lives easily in apartment (with outings several times a day). The Grand Poodle will however prefer a house with a garden. Docile, the Poodle enjoys both the country and the city.

All family situations are suitable for the Poodle. It is compatible with the presence of young children and is very suitable for the elderly.

Active and athletic, the Poodle needs a lot of exercise. His master must be available to be able to devote several hours per week to the walk and games.

The Poodle does not tolerate loneliness; his master must be someone present, who must not be absent constantly.